Coach/Owner, CF-L1

Nick Spagnol

  • Favorite workout is Annie
  • Least favorite is Open WOD 19.5
  • Proudest CrossFit moment: “Getting my L1, and using that knowledge to affect positive change in our athletes’ lives.”


Nick has been a CrossFit athlete for over 4.5 years and has been coaching for 3 years. It would be an understatement to say CrossFit is his calling. Nick is an exceptional athlete and an inspirational coach. He is especially talented in connecting with people and has a passion for helping others improve.  Anyone who has had him as a coach speaks highly of him and his ability to coach anyone of any age and physicality. If you take Nick’s class, you can expect an awesome playlist, positive energy, and many PR’s to follow.

Coach/Owner, CF-L2

Julia Bryan

  • Favorite workout is Karen
  • Least Favorite workout is Fran
  • Proudest CrossFit moment: “It is tied between getting my first strict pull-up and my first bar muscle-up.”


Julia has been participating in CrossFit for over 5 years as an athlete and has been a coach for the past 2 years. She has helped many people achieve their goals at an alarming rate, while also making time to crush her goals. Julia is especially versed in gymnastic movements and has instructed pull-up clinics in the past with great results for those in attendance. If you attend her class, be prepared to have fun but work hard and leave feeling accomplished.

Coach/Owner, CF-L1

Jessica Dunbar

  • Favorite workout is anything with core work or the GHD machine
  • Least favorite workout is anything with running
  • Proudest CrossFit moment: “Figuring out the timing and technique for kipping pull-ups (thanks coach Julia) and handstand push-ups.”


Jess has been participating as a CrossFit athlete for 6 years. She took a small break (early on) but ultimately came back to the box because no other fitness style fit the mold. She has participated in competitive sports her whole life and finds that CrossFit was always the challenge she was looking for. Jess is extremely knowledgeable in accessory and skill work and bringing nutrition for our members to CFPC. She has a talent for figuring out unique and effective ways to work muscles in the body that are often overlooked. She is a warm and welcoming person, but if you take her class, you can guarantee to be sore the next day.

Coach, CF-L1

Mackenzie Wicks

  • Favorite workout is Fran
  • Least favorite workout is 20.1 Open workout
  • Proudest CrossFit moment: “My proudest moment was during my first open. With coaching from Julia, I was able to PR my power clean during the workout. Strength and mental toughness are both something I am always working on, so it was just an awesome moment!”


Mackenzie has been a CrossFit athlete for the past 2 years. She has been involved in the fitness industry and participated in sports for over 10 years, but was introduced to CrossFit by her fiance and has been hooked since. Don’t let this small frame fool you, Mack can lift more and do it faster than anyone out there! What she lacks in plate math, she makes up for in her spirit. She is loud and energetic and loves hugs. The love Mackenzie has for CrossFit shows in high kicks and dance moves to get your classes going! If you take her class, be ready to do a lot of laughing and a lot of moving!

Coach, CF-L1

Craig McDaniel

  • Favorite workout “Lift-off.”
  • Least favorite workout: “Anything with thrusters.”
  • Best CrossFit moment: “My first CrossFit Open was my favorite so far.”


Craig has been participating as a Crossfit athlete for 6 years. He found himself in the box for the first time after a terrifying car accident. He was looking for a safe and effective way to get back into fitness, and what better way to do that than with CrossFit! His first taste of CrossFit was when he participated in Murph. Needless to say, that was all needed to realize this is where he wanted to be. Craig’s can-do attitude paired with his drive to always keep going makes him an inspirational athlete and coach. There is never a workout or challenge that Craig isn’t up for. If you take his class, you will be definitely left wanting more!

Coach, CF-L1

Heather McDaniel

  • Least favorite workout is Karen
  • Favorite workout is anything with cleans
  • Proudest CrossFit moment: “Proudest CrossFit moment either getting double unders to finally click or PR ing my clean during an open WOD in 2018.”


Heather has been involved in CrossFit for 6 years. She originally started at another gym and eventually found herself happily here at Pine Creek. Heather is a great example of the benefit of CrossFit. She had recent hip surgery, and through CrossFit, was able to recover quickly and come back stronger. Heather is the life of the party, in and outside of the gym. You can always count on her to make things fun. She has amazing grit and strength that power her through every workout. Heather has competed in local competitions such as Girls Gone RX. 

Coach, CF-L1

Zak Ambrisco

  • Favorite workout: “Anything with running, rowing, or wall balls. Maybe Kelly.”
  • Least favorite workout: “Don’t ever give me a workout with sit-ups.. probably Annie.”
  • Best CrossFit moment: “Stepping through the door for the first time. And continuing to push myself and others out of our comfort zones both physically and mentally. Realizing that with this community you can accomplish amazing things!”


Zak has been playing CrossFit since 2015. This is his 6th year as a CrossFit athlete and his 2nd as a coach. He has two dogs, Gus and Hank, with his wife Nicole. Since becoming a coach, Zak has instantly become a crowd favorite for his sense of humor and ability to coach effectively while putting a smile on everyone’s face. Zak is fast, strong, and altogether a powerhouse. One of Zak’s coaching strengths is his ability to explain proper movement form in a way that is easy to understand and apply. His class is one you won’t want to miss.

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