Rig Rumble 2022

Are you ready to RUMBLE?!?!?!

Join us for our first-ever in-house competition! All proceeds from the competition will go towards getting new equipment for the gym!

Here’s what you need to know:

February 5, 2022
9am start

  • Two-person teams (MM or FF)
  • $110 per team. Includes a shirt. Will be billed to February monthly invoice.
  • Rx and Scaled division
  • Three workouts to be released ahead of the competition
  • At least one partner needs to be a CFPC member
  • Heats will be set in advance

Not sure which division is right for you? Talk to a coach. 

There will also be Exhibition WODs throughout the day that anyone and everyone can participate in. Awards and bragging rights for winners.

We’ll need volunteers to help with judging, etc.

Have ideas or want to contribute to the event? Email us at info@crossfitpinecreek.com.

Deadline to register is January 19th!

For Time:
100 Air Squats
50 DL
10 Cleans
80 Air Squats
40 DL
8 Cleans
60 Air Squats
30 DL
6 Cleans
40 Air Squats
20 DL
4 Cleans
20 Air Squats
10 DL
2 Cleans

Weight will increase as reps decrease.

15 min cap

Tie-braker: time at last complete set of air squats.

Reps can be split however. WOD will start with initial weight on the barbell. Athletes are responsible for switching their own weights. Collars must be used.

Dropping empty barbell will result in 3 burpee penalty for both athletes.


Air squat: below parallel. Hips fully extended at the top.
Deadlift: plates must touch the ground at start of each rep. Hips fully extended at the top.
Clean: muscle, power, squat, split allowed. Must come from the ground and finish in front rack position in one fluid motion. Rep starts with plates on the ground and finishes once athlete is fully standing with bar in front rack.
Empty bar DL and Clean: rep will start with bar at mid-shin or below.

P1: Bike for cals
P2: 50ft DB walking lunge (35/20)[25/10]
8 Devils Presses after 25ft

Score: total calories accumulated.

2-minute rest

6 minutes to find 4 rep max thruster for each athlete
Score = sum of the heaviest load of both athletes


Walking lunge: can hold DB however. The trailing knee must make contact with the ground. Alternate leading feet and no shuffling.
Devils Press: holding one dumbbell, the athlete will come all the way to the ground until hips, thighs, chest are in contact with the floor, then come to full extension and perform a single-arm DB snatch. Athletes can jump or step back and up from the ground. Db snatch must be done in one fluid motion, cleaning DB to the shoulder and pressing overhead will count as a “no rep”. The athlete does not need to switch DB between arms.
Thruster: barbell will come from the rack. Athletes will start in the front rack position and move from the bottom of a front squat to a full lockout position overhead. Squat below parallel and lockout fully with the barbell over the middle of the athlete’s body. Athletes may pause in the front rack as needed between reps, but cannot lose contact or set the bar down until all 4 reps are complete.

For Time:

Station 1:
1500m Row
Station 2:
Hand Release Push-ups
Box Jumps (24/20)

Jumping pull-ups
Hand release pushups from knees

12 min cap

On 3-2-1 one partner will move to the rower and the other to the pull-up bar. Both will start working simultaneously and keep chipping away until all work is done. Partners can switch whenever. If one station is complete before the other, both partners can continue alternating on the remaining work.


Pull-ups: No butterfly allowed. Chin over the bar and full extension of arms at the bottom.
Jumping Pull-ups: Setup should be so that the bar hits the middle of the forearm. The beginning of each rep should start with arms fully extended and finish with chin over the bar.
Hand Release Push-ups: Start in a full plank. Chest, hips, thighs lower in a controlled manner until fully rested on the floor. Hands must visibly release before athlete pushes themselves back up to plank. Thighs, hips, chest should rise simultaneously with no snaking.
Box Jumps and Step-ups: Full extension of hips at the top. No rebounding.

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